The GCSS-Army’s mission to the Sustainment Automation Support Management Office (SASMO): Client Hardware/Software Support

Provides direct support to the U.S. Army and the Prime Contractor in the Sustainment of GCSS-Army throughout its life cycle. Responsible for providing both system and software technical support, as well as upgrades to all customers within GCSS-Army, for client hardware and software. Assists with unit activation by maintaining hardware for quick reaction force teams as needed to support client infrastructure and GCSS-Army software enablers. Maintains knowledge base (including fielding documents for all hardware) and technical training bulletins. Ensures help desk tickets, when resolved, contain sufficient and correct verbiage along with appropriate documentation (training bulletins, work-arounds, End Users Manual Plus (EUM+) links, etc.).

If the SASMOs would like a copy of the GCSS-Army image:

The PM office can send the image out on a Blu-Ray disc if the site has the ability to read Blu-Ray discs.

Provide GCSS-Army with a 32GB USB thumb drive for the Client Image. Turn-around time is approximately one week. Thumb drive should be shipped to PM with a return shipment address.


ATTN: Frank Thompson / Jason Pullam

Feldman Hall, Building 4229

1821 B Ave

Fort Lee, VA 23801