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(CAC required) Users are encouraged to view this video to gain an understanding of the deliberate sequence of training and how to progress through each occurrence.

THE WBT hosted below is designed to be used for familiarization and refresher training only. If a certificate of completion is required, the entire course and assessment must be taken within GTRAC.

  1.  GCSS-Army Overview
  2.  Basic Navigation
  3.  Intermediate Navigation
  4.  Using GCSS-Army Reports
  5.  Retail Supply Overview
  6.  Materiel Management Overview
  7.  Request Process Flow in GCSS-Army
  8.  Organizational Supply Overview
  9.   Maintenance Overview
  10.  Plant Maintenance Overview
  11.  Finance Overview
  12.  Spending Chain Overview
  13.  Using the End User Manual Plus (EUM+) Portal
  Administrative Functions
    Decentralized User Administration (DUA) Part 1
    Decentralized User Administration (DUA) Part 2
  Manager/Leader Smart Books
    GCSS-Army Supply Support Activity Smart Book
    GCSS-Army Materiel Management Smart Book
    GCSS-Army Finance Smart Book

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